Kayaking is not just a summer activity on the Sunshine Coast

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The BC coast offers many outdoor activities that locals and visitors can take advantage for much, if not all, of the year. And while it does cool down here over the fall and winter, we’re very lucky to be able to enjoy the water all year round.

As we approach autumn, we still enjoy relatively long days and mild temperatures. This is the time of year that a lot of marine life is on the move. Salmon are running in local rivers, orcas have been spotted and humpbacks will be passing through on their way to the southern oceans for our winter. Local waterways also provide a spectacular new perspective on the scenery we enjoy here whether that is on a perfect sunny day or a more West Coast day with the mountains and inlets shrouded in mist and fog. Plus, the waters just aren’t quite as busy as they are in summer, so what better time to enjoy them?

Make sure you’re prepared for the weather conditions. Check them before you head out: https://weather.gc.ca/marine/forecast_e.html?mapID=02&siteID=14301
Stay tuned; we’ll be posting some tips on how best to enjoy fall, winter and spring paddling to the fullest soon!

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